So if your like me and was awakened last night with a swarm of flying termites at your bedroom window, don’t panic.
This usually happens  during November- December and March- April 
You will find them on your car ,flying around bumping into things and above your roof void normally.
When they land they loose their wings so you may even just find a pile of loose wings.
At first glance they look like flying ants with wings but these can actually be swarming termites in a colonising flight.

Flying termites are visible when their colony swarms. 
Swarms  are provoked by heavy rainfall and warm temperatures and  high humid temperatures. 
Swarms occur when established colonies produce winged male and female termites in order to reproduce. 
This means that there is a termite nest within your local vicinity and its now time to book a inspection of your home.
The colonising flight usually originates very close to the main nest.
Don’t Panic it doesn’t mean that termites are in your home just in the area and like a smoke detector that gives you a loud beep and a warning that fire is approaching ,look at the flying termites in the same light they are a warning sign that it is now time to have your annual inspection carried out.
Flying termites are called Alates and when they land and loose their wings they are called De-Alates.
How to tell the difference between a winged Termite and a winged Ant

Winged Termites
The termites will have wings of equal or similar shape and size.
The antennae are bead like
There is no constriction between the abdomen and thorax (they have no waist)

Winged Ants
The ants wings are unequal different in sizes and shapes.
The Antennae are elbowed
They have 3 body  segments they have a tiny pinched waist