This depends on many factors including where you live, what types of mulch you are using, environmental factors ie, bushland settings close by, the dwelling structure etc. But the answer is usually yes to this question.
Termites are generally attracted to garden mulch and wood chips.
Termites like mulch, wood chips, leaf debris etc because it gives them a much better way to travel, it allows them to travel in a loose layer over the soil, it allow them to travel without have to dig, tunnel or work too hard.
It creates a safe dark, damp, moist ready made highway in which they just love to exploit.
They have a ready food source, undetected entry into the property when garden beds and or mulch is abutting the house and all with little or no effort on their behalf.
I always recommend the removal of all wood chips, garden mulch and leaf debris from close proximity to the dwelling itself.
This helps in preventing termite attack to your home .

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