Termatrac Worlds Number 1 termite detector is also available for use on your home, we can offer this service with a combined inspection of thermal imaging and termatrac inspection price avilable upon request.

Termatrac is known as the “World’s #1 Termite detector”

Termite risk areas are easily identified using the Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide and/or the built in Moisture Sensor. Termatrac’s patented Termite Detection Radar is then used to accurately detect, confirm and track the presence of termites, plus precisely locate nests, mud-leads, and entry points to ensure a cost-efficient and effective treatment can be applied to only the areas required.

The Termatrac T3i has advanced radar technology but also includes thermal and moisture sensors. Radar technology detects the movement of termites, while thermal and moisture sensors detect temperature and moisture differentials indicating the evidence of termites