We always stess the importance of fixing decaying rotten timbers within the home but the main question i get asked is why is this so important?

Well the answer is simple termites are attracted to decaying, damp timbers so it increases the risk of termite attack to the property.

Wood decay fungi are often very destructive and the widespread cause of wood decay, they render sound timber susceptible to insect damage such as termites and borers.

Termites prefer decayed (soft damaged timber) affected by wood decay fungi as the fungi is a requirement of the protein that termites require for survival.

Droplets of moisture on timbers in the subfloor region is often the precursor to wood decay.

Wood decay fungi  require food for growth, they require moisture for them to be enabled to attack this food, they require a moist humid environment, places with bad light,poor ventilation and moisture , this is why we stress the importance of addressing subfloor (under the floor) issues such as high moisture, water pooling not draining away, vents being blocked or missing and no cross flow ventilation.