Water can damage homes, property and timber at a staggering rate and left untreated can lead to termite attack as termites are attracted to damp decaying timbers. The photograph below shows the affect of water damage to flooring under a bathroom, the water damage was caused by a leaking bathroom, this property has been damaged by termites and the termite problem began in and around the bathroom area. 

Water Leak in floor

Water and termite damage to flooring at home in Maryland NSW

timber decay in a toilet

Timber decay in a toilet area often confused with termite damage as it is often located by home owners being damp ad moist, black or dark brown in colour and causes a similar damage trait to termites , this home was lucky the decay was replaced prior to termite attack took place

water leak in a roof

Water leak in a roof by a air conditioning system, this is something that can be leaking and creating moisture for termites, remember that leaks come from areas rarely seen by home owners ie in the roof void, deep in the subfloor and behind the walls

water damage to a ceiling

Water damage to a ceiling, this damaged was caused by a cracked roof tile and this home has a current active termite attack in the roof void being feed moisture by the leak in the roof