Prevention of a termite attack is the best approach to controlling termites around your home. 
But if you have been digging in the garden or moving something in the yard or house and have found termites, DO NOT TOUCH them, DO NOT SPRAY them with anything put back what ever you lifted or moved when you found termites or what you feel may be termites and call me for a termite inspection, the least disturbance that termites have the better the treatment options you have.

  • The first thing you must do when you find termite activity is not to panic remember they can be controlled.
  • A full inspection must now be carried out to determine the  extent of termite activity and or any damage
  • Inside access is essential however we understand that due to work requirements etc that you may not be able to stay for the entire inspection as it requires at least 2 and half hours.
  • If you are unable to attend the entire inspection, please try to make arrangements to attend the final half an hour or so of the inspection so I can personally share with you my findings, answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.A standard inspection and or thermal imaging report is available.

The next steps

If you have had a inspection carried out on your property  and active termites have been located you have several options to treat this infestation. There are many options to control termites in your property.

  • The first option is to eradicate the nest by introducing a small amount of a registered termiticide dust such as Termidor into the termite workings this is a less costly approach to treating a termite attack but does have specific limitations and future nests can return to your property requiring further treatment.
  • The second approach is applying a termite baiting system to the termite activity however in a few cases where insufficient termites have been detected or the workings have been disturbed this may not be possible .This is when a termite bait box is used in a attempt to encourage sufficient termites into the bait box so they can then be treated with a termiticide dust or a termite bait matrix . Please see photograph below of a bait box made by the home owner and the termite activity located within this bait box

The  third and most effective way of controlling termites is a termite baiting and monitoring system such a Exterra ©  as it provides protection to your home by installing Exterra stations around your home which are called a series of termite terminals, you are assured that  your home will be safely protected and the termites will be eliminated and your home will be monitored on three weekly basis whilst activity is located and then revert to eight weekly monitoring when activity ceases.

Prevention is the better option

Prevention is still the easiest option for controlling termites, in most cases, termite attack can be prevented by maintaining our homes.

  • Keeping your home and surroundings free from materials that provide easy access and a possible food source removing rubble, timber, building debris, lattice work from abutting the house and even non durable timbers used in outside construction.
  • Leaking pipes and hot water over flows systems not being directed away from the house.
  • Wood decay
  • Large trees in the yard, especially Eucalyptus trees
  • Leaving the slab edge exposed without gardens abutting
  • Poor or no sub-floor ventilation
  • Damp or moist sub-floor

Remember steel frame homes are not exempt from termite attack please see the photograph below to see how termites can damage steel framed homes.