I was under my house and saw some termite mudding, tubes I knocked them down have I done the wrong thing?

This is a question we get asked weekly unfortunately you have probably done the wrong thing.

What this means is that termites will have probably switched to another path into your home that you cant see.

It is better not to disturb them until you have a full inspection done,as instead of slowing them down you probably have slowed your treatment process and reduced your treatment options.

Sometimes termites will quickly repair the damaged tubing but some species will stay away for a long time and a few will never come back to that location instead they will find a alternative feeding source some where else within your home which may take days weeks or months to emerge and become visible.

Termites will dig their way into timber, wood and often leave no visible sign that is to the naked eye this can take as long as a year to emerge .

Termites can be present in timber for weeks months or years before they come can be detected by the homeowner hence the need for regular professional inspections .

termite mudding tubes