So your neighbour has just told you they termites, how will this affect you? 

In short, it might .
Subterranean termites, that is termites that nest under the ground will travel at least 50 (fifty) metres through soil to find a good food source.
Depending on the termite treatment that your neighbour has commenced this will determine they termite attack risk to your home.
Termites will always look for a food source which is usually some sort of wood , so by reducing the possible food sources within your home, yard, subfloor etc this will aid in the prevention of termite attack.

Termites also require a moisture source for survival so look around your house and reduce possible moisture sources.

Fix leaking drain pipes, hot water system over flow etc remember water tanks that catch rain water from your roof are a great idea but they can over flow and can provide termites with a possible mositure source so place them in the correct postition and remember to empty them .

Implement a termite management system within your home .

Termites have no malice their needs are very simple they need food shelter and water so make it harder for them to get these things and they will look elsewhere.

Keep your home well maintained and reduce the risks, remain vigilant, it’s your home so protect it from termite attack.

Have regular professional termite inspections at least annually