Thermal imaging assists in detecting many items important in Termite inspections such as termite activity, water leaks and damp areas, it allows us the ability to see areas previously restricted by the naked eye.

Thermal Imaging Technology detects heat patterns, when termites enter and start attacking a building, they emit a heat source and as such change the normal heat patterns of the walls, floors, roof void etc.

The thermal image camera records these changes in heat patterns, this allows the trained inspector to interpret and understand the images found rather like a radiographer understands a x ray and determine where the location of the termite activity is.

The images are shown in colour with hot spots detected as seen in the examples on thermal photos section.

Thermal termite inspections differs from a standard termite inspection because it gives the inspector the ability to detect thermal adnomalies before the signs become visible to the naked eye. Although the standard termite inspection is slightly cheaper, it does not always allow us to view the beginning stages of a termite infestation. 

Termites generate a heat source and as such are detected by Thermal imagery. All objects emit infrared radiation as a function of temperature, infrared energy is generated by the vibration and rotation of atoms and molecules, the higher the temperature the more motion and hence the more infrared energy emitted allowing for the detection of termite activity by the thermal imaging camera.

We emphasize the fact that thermal imaging is NOT a stand alone inspection and must not be relied upon solely for a termite inspection it is just another tool of trade and must be used in conjunction with a Fully accredited termite inspector with years of Experience. We have been servicing Newcastle and Lake Macquarie since 1994.

Thermal imaging allows us to view into areas where access would normally be restricted by the naked eye.

Thermal imagery inspections are beneficial for termite treatments also as they allow us to find termite activity without disturbing the termites this allows for many other treatment options because when termites are disturbed it reduces the treatment options available.

Remember that Thermal imagery is not a magic wand that will expose all defects in a home, it will not detect inactive termite workings and past damage but when used in conjunction with a standard inspection report it will provide a broader, more comprehensive assessment of the condition of the areas inspected.

Thermal cameras provide additional vision to the inspector with the inf-red spectrum therefor broadening our scope of vision.

Infrared energy is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and behaves similarly to visible light,it travels through space at the speed of light and can be reflected, refracted, absorbed and emitted.

It allows us to detect a termite problem quickly without interrupting termite activity.

It allows to determine if moisture contamination, located and identify mould growth, water damage and water leaks has occurred in your home.

Only a small number of Inspection companies in Newcastle use thermal imaging cameras so book your inspection today.

Thermal imagery inspections are available on any inspection please see prices for more information

Active Termites Thermal image

Active termites in skirting board

Image without the use of the Thermal Image camera

The view of termite activity of the area above when viewed through a Thermal image camera the red areas are the areas of termite activity