The damage caused to Australian Central Coast homes, apartments and businesses because of the lack of adequate termite control amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Every year more damage is done to homes by termites than both fires and storms combined.

What’s even scarier than these statistics is the fact that no household, or home-owner’s insurance covers for termite damage.

Termites across Newcastle create mud tubes to connect their colony to above-ground food sources. They are one sign of a termite problem and are often found along the foundation of homes and buildings. Mudding can also appear in window frames and door surrounds. If you suspect termites do not disturb them as they will go to ground. Call Termite Inspections Newcastle immediately to conduct a full termite inspection and provide the best solution to protect your home.

As an authorised operator for the Exterra Colony Elimination System from Ensystex we are confident we possess the necessary tools and expertise to eliminate termites at your location and to ensure that it remains termite-free.